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ISCA Working Groups are key forums for individuals from member organisations to work out collaboratively the challenges and opportunities for infrastructure sustainability and the IS rating scheme. Working groups are made up of individuals who volunteer their time, expertise and capability.

ISCA Working Groups' general objectives are to:

  • inform, scope and identify future infrastructure sustainability development areas 
  • identify and resolve effective ways IS rating scheme can be utlised in various projects and organisational scenarios, and
  • inform the future of infrastructure sustainability and IS rating scheme 

Members of working groups may participate 

  • for professional development
  • to gain leadership experience 
  • to contribute to the implementation and further development of industry initiatives
  • to be at the forefront of infrastructure sustainability
  • for networking opportunities

Working groups meet regularly either by face to face or by teleconference/webinar. Working groups members are expected to participate in these meetings and undertake small amounts of work outside of the meeting, typically a few hours a month. Working groups are supported by ISCA staff members and will be provided with necessary resources.

Apply to join an ISCA working group here


Urban and Landscape Design Working Group

The Urban and Landscape Design Working Group will address current issues in urban and landscape design and review the relevant credits in the IS rating tool. This working group will commence in 2015.

Apply to join the Urban and Landscape Design Working Group here


Design Working Group

The Design Working Group will explore sustainable infrastructure design guidance and thought leadership, the value of good decision making, IS rating tool in design phase and client barriers. 

Apply to join the Design Working Group here


Western Australia Group

The Western Australia Group  will improve infrastructure sustainability in Western Australia through identifying and addressing local industry barriers across all stages and asset types. They will also form the local steering committee for WA ISCA events and conferences. 

Apply to join the Western Australia Group here

Contractor Working Group

This working group will discuss current issues faced by contractors in delivering good infrastructure sustainability rating and to explore and understand the business case and how to engage the wider supply chain to deliver a good outcome.


  • To discuss and identify current issues faced by contractors and how to best implement infrastructure sustainability.
  • To explore, understand and develop the business case for infrastructure sustainability.
  • To explore and understand how to engage the wider supply chain to deliver enhanced sustainability outcomes.
  • To provide feedback on ISCA’s outputs, direction, the IS rating scheme, and it’s further development from a contractor perspective.

Members of the Contractor Working Group

The Contractor Working Group is currently working on a 'Guideline for Defining and Capturing a Business Case for Sustainability in Infrastructure Delivery.

Materials Working Group

The Materials Technical Working Group will contribute to the enhancement and further development of the IS Materials Calculator, review the IS Materials Calculator Guideline and review the direction of the Life Cycle Assessment in relation to the rating tool. 

Members of the Materials Technical Working Group

Local Government Working Group

This working group will explore the benefits and application of IS for councils organisations, projects and assets.

Members of the Local Government Working Group

Stakeholder Participation Working Group

The Stakeholder Participation working group will look at the current issues in stakeholder engagement during use of the IS rating tool and review the Stakeholder Participation and Community Health, Well-being and Safety categories in the IS rating tool. 

Members of the Stakeholder Participation Working Group