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ISCA is a not for profit industry council committed to supporting and enabling the establishment of infrastructure sustainability, institutional collaborations and the development and implementation of associated certification schemes.

ISCA has developed and administers the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme. IS is Australia’s only comprehensive rating system for evaluating sustainability across design, construction and operation of infrastructure. IS evaluates the sustainability (including environmental, social, economic and governance aspects) of infrastructureprojects and assets.

The IS rating scheme can be adapted and incorporated into new regions using ISCA’s global adaptation methodology to ensure IS is regionally relevant.

If you are interested in partnering with ISCA to develop your own Infrastructure Sustainability rating scheme, please contact us on +61 2 9252 9733 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Benefits of an IS rating scheme

It has been identified, through industry research, that infrastructure sustainability frameworks and rating tools are one of the most effective means to facilitate improved sustainability decision making outcomes. The IS rating scheme considers the full quadruple bottom line (economic, environmental, social and governance) impacts for infrastructure projects and assets from investment/funding, planning, design, delivery and operations across all asset classes and contract/ownership types.

The drivers for a regionally adapted IS rating scheme include:

  • Improve social licence
  • Reduce whole-of life-costs
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Increase innovation
  • Increase community benefits
  • Reduce investment risks 
  • Increase demand for more sustainable materials and technologies
  • Increase green business opportunities
  • Backfill regulatory gaps
  • Improved workforce sustainability outcomes
  • Enhance governance and transparency

Partnering with ISCA

Through partnering with ISCA you will be able to develop and establish your own Infrastructure Sustainability assessment and certification scheme, develop education and training material tailored for key stakeholders, as well as be part of a global infrastructure community where you can access infrastructure sustainability experts.


Partnering with ISCA vs creating a new scheme

The IS rating scheme was developed over 4 years and cost over AU$5 million to develop. For a fraction of the time and cost, you can leverage ISCA’s tool and experience to adapt the Australian IS Rating Scheme for your local region. The benefits of doing so include:

  • Accelerated development and roll out of an Infrastructure Sustainability rating scheme tailored to your region, based on industry best-practise methods and procedures
  • Mentoring and advice regarding engaging with strategic infrastructure stakeholders
  • Accelerated development of infrastructure sustainability related training and education material
  • Access to global specialists in infrastructure sustainability
  • Access to other institutional partners and projects/assets currently undergoing ISCA and IS certification
  • Ongoing technical and quality control support

The IS Rating Scheme adaptation and development process

ISCA will guide you through the adaptation and development process to create a regionally specific IS rating scheme.


More information

For more information on how to adapt the IS rating scheme to your region, please contact us on
+ 61 2 9252 9733 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .