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IS Accredited Professionals 2017 subscription

WARNING: All ISAP accreditations will expire. To continue your IS accreditation read below.

ISCA is introducing the much-anticipated IS Accredited Professional subscription model from 1 January 2017, making it more convenient and cost effective for ISAPs to stay relevant and be informed.

To become an ISAP individuals must complete the IS Training for Professionals course and pass the associated exam. Course fees include ISAP subscription until the end of the calendar year following the year the course was completed. For example, ISAPs trained in 2017 are eligible to maintain their subscription without an additional fee until December 2018.

To remain an ISAP in 2017, ISAPs must  


If you choose not to subscribe, your ISAP status will be revoked on 1 June 2017.

As an ISAP subscriber you will have the benefit of:

  • Complimentary attendance for all webinars related to updates and existing tools comprising the IS rating scheme
  • Access to all technical manuals and tools associated with the IS rating scheme
  • Access to a suite of current best practice templates and examples in the resource library
  • Monthly subscription to the IS News 
  • Invitations to specialist events and networking engagements across the many facets of the IS community of practice

Build your profile and subscribe online today!

ISAPs trained in 2016

If you completed your training between 1 January and 1 May 2016, you must complete the complimentary IS v1.2 webinar and pass the associated quiz. Your 2016 course fee included your 2017 subscription fee. Your 2017 ISAP certificates will be accessible online, using your ISCA website log in details.

Terms and conditions 

  1. ISAP subscription fee is included in ISCA Membership fees for SME sole traders.
  2. Annual subscriptions will run from 1 January to 31 December. 
  3. An annual subscription fee is payable via  (you must be logged in to view this page)
  4. Subscription is attributed to an individual.
  5. Subscribers must have completed either the IS Training for Professionals or the IS Foundation Training (no longer available) and passed the exam to initiate their ISAP subscription.
  6. Subscribers must pass an annual exam.  This exam covers the most significant updates throughout the previous year. While not compulsory, attending webinars and accessing tools and templates will enable the successful completion of the exam.
  7. There is no requirement to accumulate CPD points.