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IS Supply

The IS supply program aims to improve the productivity of industry through aligning supply chains around the IS community of practice.

The IS rating scheme provides more than ratings for projects/assets, it fosters innovation and continuous improvement around a common sustainability language. This enables suppliers to build their sustainability credentials for the infrastructure sector in a language that their customers are asking for. 

Suppliers who qualify for IS supply will have their sustainability credentials promoted by ISCA to industry stakeholders and to projects/assets that are registered with the IS rating scheme. This promotion will occur through two channels, supplier profiles and the IS Supplier Directory. 

Supplier profile 

IS supplier profile information will list the products and services that are available from a supplier that may assist in the achievement of outcomes that correspond to one or many IS credits. This will also list limitations of any product/service and link to evidence to support claims, 

IS supplier profiles will be available through the ISCA Member Directory published on the ISCA website and in other ISCA collateral.

IS Supplier Directory

The IS Supplier Directory will be published as an appendix to the IS v1.2 Design and As Built Technical Manual.  This will enable all IS Accredited Professionals and IS rating assessors to search for suppliers that may assist with the achievement of outcomes that align to a specific credit. 



To be eligible to join the IS supply program an organisation must satisfy three criteria.

1. Organisation must be an ISCA member or industry partner

ISCA members are committed to improving the sustainability of infrastructure through the IS community of practice. All ISCA membership applications are vetted by the ISCA Board of Directors and the terms of ongoing membership are governed by the ISCA Constitution and other policies and procedures. This condition of the IS supply program enables ISCA to govern the program under the same processes and procedures as it's Membership program, reducing administrative 'green tape' whilst incentivising quality organisations to join the IS community.

More information on ISCA Membership can be found here.

2. Organisation must have a suitable IS qualified employee

In order to maximise the alignment between suppliers and the IS community of practice, organisations must have at least one employee that is an IS Accredited Professional or IS Supplier Associate.

In order to become an IS Accredited Professional one must graduate from the Version 1.2 Design and As Built (D&AB) Infrastructure Sustainability Training for Professionals training course and satisfy the conditions of the ISAP Program. By the end of this course, participants should be able to use the IS rating scheme to achieve an IS certified rating.

More information on IS Accredited Professional training can be found here.

In order to become an IS Supplier Associate one must graduate from the new Version 1.2 Design and As Built (D&AB) Infrastructure Sustainability Training for Suppliers training course specifically designed to enable supplier to define and articulate there is value proposition.

More information on IS Supplier Associate training can be found here.

3. Organisation must provide a product or service that enables the achievement of IS credit and/or IS rating outcomes  

Supplier must succinctly describe how their product/service may enable an outcome that is rewarded by the IS rating scheme. ISCA will then have these claims verified by their independent panel of IS Verifiers, this step will incur a $800 fee (AUD excluding GST).  Suppliers must comply with all applicable consumer legislation and standards. 


A supplier will be removed from the program if at any stage one or more of these condition has not been met.  For example, if an organisation does not renew their membership they will be removed from the program.

The IS supply program was launched in August 2016 at the Sydney Supply Summit hosted by Onesteel.

Download the slides from this event here.