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IS Verifiers are independent specialists assigned to project/assets during the rating process to provide independent verification of the credit scope outs, base case proposal and self-assessment. Each verifier have a strong reputation and level of expertise in infrastructure sustainability, understand the project lifecycle across different stakeholder perspectives and asset types, and have experience in sustainability assessment, auditing of sustainable design.


The verifier panel currently has the following active members:

If you are interested in joining the panel please register your interest by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Angela ReidyInXure ConsultingMelbourne
Katrina O’MaraAECOMPerth
Fin RobertsonSustainable StrategiesMelbourne
Robert TurkArupMelbourne
Reanna HarperStudio ConsultBrisbane
Jonathan DaltonViridis AustralasiaBrisbane
Scott LoseeLosee ConsultingBrisbane
Stephen ThompsonArupSydney
Lana AssafRPS Australia Asia PacificSydney
Amy ElkingtonGHDPerth
James HughesTonkin and TaylorAuckland
Glenn HedgesEIC Activities (CPB Con)Brisbane
Rebecca MillerAECOMSydney
Monique CornishTonkin and TaylorAuckland
Jon PanicEdge EnvironmentSydney
Cathy ChessonMott MacdonaldAdelaide
Ken LuntyEdge EnvironmentSydney
Patrick IliottPerspectivPerth
Kerry GriffithsAECOMWellington
Meg WrixonMegaphone ExchangeSydney
Matt HunterDownerPerth
Daniela von RabenauGea EnvironmentalBrisbane
Kristy TanHong Kong AirportHong Kong


All verifiers must:

  • be an IS Accredited Professional;
  • have experience as an Assessor on a number of projects/assets applying the IS rating scheme preferably through the full rating process
  • have experience in one or more of sustainability assessment, environmental auditing or sustainable design;
  • have substantial direct and relevant industry experience in a variety of infrastructure projects/assets in Australia with respect to planning, delivery and operation phases; and
  • have relevant tertiary qualifications (ie science, engineering, environmental management, finance, social policy etc).

IS Process – Verifier Appointment

Once a project/asset registers to pursue a rating, ISCA issues a ‘verifier request’ to the panel which outlines the project/asset name, key stakeholders involved and expected timing of verifications.

Verifiers are then asked to respond with:

  • whether or not they have a conflict of interest to undertake the verification, and
  • if they have no conflict, their availability, experience and suitability to undertake the verification.

ISCA reviews all responses and makes a recommendation to the rating assessor (from registrant organisation) about which verifiers should be appointed to the rating. The rating assessor then confirms (or otherwise) that there is no conflict with the nominated verifiers and ISCA appoints, in writing the one or more verifiers to be the verifier for the project/asset rating.

Verifiers provide independent verification at two key points in the rating process: 

  1. Credit scope outs/weighting assement and base case proposals: Early in the assessment process, the credits to be scoped out/weighting assessment and the base case proposal need to be verified.
  2. Self-assessments: The verification process involves a first round of verification where the assessment is submitted, the verifier(s) review the assessment, participate in a verification meeting, and provide feedback. In the second round of verification, the same tasks would be undertaken as well as making a recommendation to ISCA for a rating. 


Jon Panic