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history flow chart 3

The launch version 1.0 of the IS rating tool was developed through a rigorous process of authorship, review and trialing over several years. A single category, Climate Change Adaptation, was developed first between April and September 2010, since funding was obtained specifically in this area.

On receipt of full funding, the rest of the tool development kicked off in September 2010. ‘Category authors’ were engaged as experts in their particular fields, to develop the content of each of the rating tool categories. For each of the categories there was also an expert peer reviewer who reviewed the category author work at specific milestones. The whole process was also overseen by a Global Review Panel of seasoned industry experts who also conducted milestone reviews. The category author work was complete by June 2011 and the pilot tool was ready for trialing. Two rounds of pilot trials were undertaken, firstly on two projects between August and September 2011. A second round of pilot trials involved 12 projects of various types, sizes, phases of development and in various locations across Australia between October and December 2011. A weightings survey was undertaken to assist in developing the weightings of the tool categories in late 2011. The results and feedback from the trials and the weightings survey were used to update the tool in readiness for launch.

The tool was launched on 29 February 2012 in Parliament House in Canberra by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, The Hon. Anthony Albanese.