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2017 Western Australia Infrastructure Sustainability Conference

ISCA  2017 WA Conference

In the infrastructure sector, no matter what your profession, you impact how sustainable a project or asset is. What Sustainability Professionals call ‘sustainability’ may be known as ‘best practice’, ‘smart’, ‘efficient’, ‘productive’, ‘green’,  or ‘innovative’ to other professions. Join us. 



0900 Welcome to Country

Auntie Bev Port Louis | Elder

0910 ISCA opening address

Antony Sprigg | CEO ISCA

0920 Fremantle Ports address

Jim Limerick | Chairman Fremantle Ports

0930 International Keynote: City Rail Link – Sustainability in a New Zealand cultural context

Liz Root | Principal Sustainability Advisor City Rail Link Auckland Transport

The largest infrastructure project in New Zealand, Auckland's City Rail Link, has worked with Mana Whenua to incorporate their cultural values into the IS framework for use on the project. This presentation will talk about the process used, the outcomes arrived at and what changes this is bringing to the project. In addition, the indicative workforce profile for CRL will be shared along with discussion around how the project aims to generate social outcomes for Tamakai Makaurau, Auckland.
City Rail Link Contract 1 and Contract 2 have both received Leading IS Design ratings.

0950 Integration of green buildings and IS ratings in rail projects

Chris Walker | ESD Lead – Australia, Jacobs

Both the IS rating scheme and Green Star rating tool aim to deliver holistic sustainability, economic prosperity, liveability and health, and should be viewed as complimentary, not competing. This presentation explores the application of each tool as well as their boundaries, gaps and overlaps in a world of increasing project delivery complexity regarding major infrastructure projects where both tools may apply, for example rail.


1100 Capturing the value from engagement- could future ratings identify value for infrastructure project proponents and owners?

Dr Helen Grzyb | Helen Grzyb and Associates
The Infrastructure Sustainability rating tool uses the IAP2 model to rate stakeholder engagement. A future enhancement may include dimensions of engagement value capture. Two models of such 'value assurance reviews' will be discussed. Model 1 was prepared in 2006 by a collaboration of Main Roads WA and others including the presenter, to capture the engagement value in WA infrastructure across design/construct stages. Model 2 utilised the 2016 IAP2 quality assurance standard to evaluate an engagement for WA's City of Melville in WA midway through the project to plan community open space/recreation facilities

1125 Culturing sustainability - a mix of partnering, sharing knowledge and persistence

Patrick Ilott and Sophie Wallis | NorthLink
Main Roads has placed a requirement for each of the 3 NorthLink packages to achieve an Excellent rating (Design and As Built) and has an aspiration to achieve Leading. A combination of processes, initiated both by Main Roads and Stage 1 contractor John Holland have fostered a collaborative culture, enabling many initiatives to be implemented. The contractor has also developed partnerships to improve knowledge and performance of the supply chain, with multiple benefits. Connecting Main Roads subject matter experts with project opportunities has resulted in trials with long term benefits for Main Roads.

1150 Panel 1: Best practice non-environmental sustainability

Moderator: Sophie Wallis | Upthink

Panellists :

  • Liz Root | Principal Sustainability Advisor City Rail Link
  • Dr Helen Grzyb | Helen Grzyb and Associates
  • Patrick Ilott | Northlink
  • Jane Edwards | Fremantle Ports
  • Mary Papachristos | Senior Stakeholder Engagement Consultant Innovation Leader WA, GHD
  • Mel Bainbridge | Sustainability Officer, City of Cockburn
  • Emma Dade | Jacobs

1240 LUNCH

1330 Green is the new Grey – Societal and ecosystem services of green infrastructure in Australia

Tom Davies, Jon Panic, Joana Almeida, Marie Le Pellec | Edge Environment
Green Spaces (plants incorporated into the built environment) have positive social impacts and provide several ecosystem services. There is a significant amount of research that provides evidence for these benefits, nationally and internationally. Edge Environment is consolidating this knowledge and using it to develop a science-based metrics of the benefits of green infrastructure. This aims to create recognition of the contribution of Green Spaces to the sustainability of infrastructure and create the grounds for a IS credit for green infrastructure. Our approach will encompass different infrastructure elements, isolate their triple-bottom line benefits and identify properties of the elements or their context that allow for the quantification of the benefit.

1350 Our Climate Adaptation Challenge

Tony Watson | WSP Parsons Brinkerhoff
Climate change risk is recognised in many circles as the challenge of our generation, this presentation will expand on this theme by looking at who's exposed, what's at risk and what you can do about it.
Tony will be exploring the scale of our global challenge and the shifting landscape of industry sentiment. Drawing on industry case studies and his recent work in this area he will share some practical risk management adaptions that have been taken up by major infrastructure projects, precincts and portfolio managers in Australia.

1415 Panel 2: The challenge of using recycled and upcycled 'Waste derived materials'

Moderator: Matt Hunter | Downer


  • Bernard Ryan | Senior Manager, Policy Waste Authority Services Strategic Policy and Programs, DER
  • Marcus Geisler | Chairman Waste Authority
  • Jeremy Hogben | Contaminated Sites Auditor
  • Les Marchant | Main Roads Western Australia


1515 Smart Sustainable Ports

Adam van der Beeke | Environmental Advisor Fremantle PortsMichael Pal | Smart PortsFremantle Ports Roads and Services Project at Rous Head has improved freight transport efficiency, truck congestion and driver safety and wellbeing at the Inner Harbour. As part of the project a fairy tern conservation area, supported by government, community and conservation groups, has produced a successful breeding and research site that will continue to benefit both a threatened bird species and the local community into the future.

1545 Site Tour: Fremantle Ports

Adam van der Beeke and Michael Pal from Fremantle Ports with be guiding the tour of Fremantle Ports. No PPE will be required for attendees.

1645 Networking drinks courtesy of Fremantle Ports

1715 Conference close