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Enabling The Shift | ISv2.0 Industry Update

Enabling The Shift | ISv2.0 Industry Update

Since the launch of IS Version 2.0 (ISv2.0) in July last year, there has been strong interest and engagement. We have received invaluable feedback from industry about the updated Scheme.

You have told us that you like how the tool provides useful guidance on implementing sustainability during the planning phases, that the framework is easier to communicate and the fact that most credits are broadly the same as v1.2.  You have also told us that it can be challenging to interpret parts of the technical manuals, that you feel some of the benchmarks now appear more difficult and that in some instances, implementing initiatives may become too costly to justify.

At ISCA, we want to work with organisations as they transition from ISv1.2 to ISv2.0 to make sure the process delivers the most value. This includes working with organisations to select the best transition pathway for their needs and designing flexible approaches to tool application.  We are also wanting to drive greater uptake of v2.0 credit trials as innovation challenges, and see the expanded use of technical clarifications and credit interpretation requests.  To deliver on this promise, we are already undertaking improvements over the coming months including:


  • Updates - regular updates to keep you informed on amendments and improvements to address the items you’ve raised
  • Transition Planning - we will engage with key agencies regarding their mandating practices, so that there is appropriate support for projects as we collectively make the shift to v2.0
  • Recognition of IS v2.0 – We are developing a strategy which will help us grow awareness, engagement and value. This will ensure that IS v2.0 sustainability principles are deeply and seamlessly integrated into the infrastructure pipeline expected over the next decade


  • Improving the technical manuals – we are making them easier to read and use, with an editorial update. We will first improve the Planning Technical Manual followed by the Design & As Built Manual
  • Technical updates – technical updates are already underway on the Planning Technical Manual through a series of ISCA-generated and industry informed technical clarifications for ISv2.0. These will be released in the coming months
  • Ensuring continuous improvement is business as usual – we are developing a new feedback portal on the ISCA website, making it easier for industry to provide feedback on the technical manuals
  • Future of the Rating Scheme – we are developing new offerings that will:
    • Expand the IS Materials Calculator to include water, waste and energy footprint capabilities (WWEM); and
    • Better support projects with capital values of less than $20m, as well as those in regional and remote settings


  • Governance - we have established a Technical Advisory Panel to support the increasing rating traction across ANZ
  • Verifiers – to build consistency, we will continue to allocate shadow verifiers to IS v2.0 ratings as part of their on-boarding to the verifier panel
  • Case Managers - we have on-boarded two new case managers and a coordinator over the past three months and have a clear plan to recruit new additional support into 2020
  • ISAPs - our ISv2.0 for Professionals Training has been launched along with category specific training courses

All sustainability successes are based on collaboration with industry - these next steps will be taken with you and for you. Please continue to share your frank and fair feedback so that together we can make good on our collective ambition to accelerate sustainability.

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact Jonathan Avery at