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ISv2.0 Sustainable Procurement Category Industry Peer Review

Industry peer review is now open for the ISv2.0 Sustainable Procurement category. Industry peer review closes 24th Oct 2017.  If you would like to provide peer review, please read the following information and watch the following videos.

Intro to ISv2.0 industry review process

Intro to the Sustainable Procurement category



ISv2.0 Sustainable Procurement category

Following the delivery of ISv1.2 in May 2016, ISv2.0 was envisioned as a comprehensive update to the full suite of credit benchmarks and a re-examination of business as usual and best practice within Australia and New Zealand, as well as globally.

This category was influenced by a series of mapping exercises performed before the development of ISv2.0 showing that supply chain risks were a gap for the rating tool. The Sustainable Procurement category was developed from an initial scope developed by ISCA’s Sustainable Procurement Advisory Group in November 2016. The draft credits and additional guidance provided below were developed by a team at Action Sustainability Asia Pacific in collaboration with Tonkin + Taylor.

Layout of the credits

ISv2.0 will better define the activities required for each rating. To do this, we are testing different layout ideas for the credits. These categories have different credits for the Planning, Design, As Built and Operational phases. As a result, it is important that when you are reading the credits, you make note of which phase it is relating to and your comments reflect the requirements of that phase. This approach is different to ISv1.2 which has one set of credits for Design and As Built and another for Operations.

We would like your feedback on this layout and any ideas for different approaches.

Peer Review process

1. The draft ISv2.0 category is provided below. Please read it in full.

ISv2.0 Sustainable Procurement Category for Industry Review

If you are not familiar with the IS rating scheme, please read the following introduction document.

Introduction to ISv2.0

The current ISv1.2 Procurement category can be viewed for reference. Please ensure you review the correct category.

ISv1.2 Design and As Built Procurement category - for reference

ISv1.2 Operations Procurement category - for reference

2. A survey has been developed to capture your peer review comments. The survey will ask you a series of specific questions as well as provide you with the opportunity to add additional or general feedback. An offline copy of the survey can be downloaded for your reference. Please use the survey link for peer review comments. Please do not fill in and send the offline copy as your review.

ISv2.0 Sustainable Procurement survey

An offline copy of the survey can be downloaded here:

ISv2.0 Sustainable Procurement - offline survey download

3. In addition, if you would like to provide feedback with comments and track changes, please download the Word document below. Please send your reviewed document to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please ensure track changes are on before you make any edits. Please note, if track changes is not on, your comments will not be recorded. 

ISv2.0 Sustainable Procurement Category for Industry Review - Word version

4. If you require a paper copy, please contact Angus Blackmore at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


If you have any questions about the process, please contact Angus Blackmore, Development Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .