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IS Rating Scheme Streamlining Project

2016-02-01 01:18:50
IS Rating Scheme Streamlining Project


ISCA is streamlining the IS rating scheme and expects to release IS version 1.2 in late March 2016. IS version 1.2 will address lessons learnt and feedback to date in the context of enhancing the value and revising the evidence requirements of some credits. This development project is running in parallel with the IS Operations Project. ISCA released a draft of the proposed changes in December 2015 for consultation by 20 January 2016.Streamlining will serve as a stepping stone towards version 2.0 which will be a more significant update.

Since ISCA launched the IS rating scheme nearly four years ago, industry has successfully completed 14 certified ratings - with more to occur in the coming months. To ensure continuous improvement, ISCA is always collecting feedback from registered and certified ratings, member working groups and other stakeholders in the industry. This feedback has been collated to streamline some of the credits in the IS rating scheme by revising the guidance and evidence requirements, improving the value of pursuing an IS rating and reducing non-crucial evidence requirements.

We have reviewed the intent, effectiveness, relevance and evidence requirements of each credit in the context of the feedback and data collected to date from:

(a) Formal feedback from certified ratings

(b) Informal feedback from registered ratings, members and stakeholders, and

(c) Analysis of the results from the certified ratings.

In late December 2015 ISCA released the draft streamlining proposals to over 50 stakeholder organisations with experience in the IS rating assessment. We will be reviewing and collating the feedback from this consultation to shape the final release of IS version 1.2.

If you would like to participate in the consultation process please contact Kirsty Bauer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.