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Program Approach

2015-12-18 04:33:34
Program Approach

ISCA has formalised a uniform and consistent approach for using the IS rating scheme for a program/package based project.

A program may include:


  • Program of Works: series of small packages which are all delivered by one entity (under one contract where contracted out) across a number of separate assets
  • Capital Works Program: like those delivered by Councils
  • Package Projects: A number of packages of works (small or large) which make up one final asset and are delivered to meet one set of objectives/deliverables

This approach has the following objectives:


  • Maximise efficiency when applying the IS rating tool
  • Simplify the use of the IS rating scheme and minimise burden associated with evidence collection
  • Provide a flexible approach to allow for the different program/project types and delivery models
  • Enable the client to provide documents that supports the rating of each package
  • Results in one final rating for the overall project/program
  • Allows for cross communication and knowledge sharing between packages within the project/program

For more information download the fact sheet here