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IS Scope Out Procedure Update

2015-12-16 01:32:19
IS Scope Out Procedure Update
IS Scope Out Procedure Update

ISCA has updated the IS rating scheme scope out procedure in response to stakeholder feedback removing the potential for credits to be distorted as part of the scope out process. IS registrations from the 16  December 2015 will be required to use the new scope out process and new IS scorecard. IS ratings that registered before 16  December 2015 will be able to choose between the current scope out process or adopt the new scope out process.


Scoping Out

The IS rating scheme enables registered project/asset to scope out certain credits where it can be shown that a particular area of the IS rating tool does not apply. For example, if it can be demonstrated that there is no contaminated land within the boundaries of the project or asset, then the Contamination and Remediation credit from the Land category could be scoped out.

Currently, when a credit is scoped out, the points from that credit are re-distributed to the remaining credits within the category. This means that the overall weighting/possible score for a category does not change through the scope out process.

The Issue

This approach has been in place since the launch of the rating tool in 2012 and through the ratings which have been registered and certified, it has been noted that in some cases this approach can cause the overall weightings across the IS rating scheme to be compromised and ultimately distorted.

For example, the ecology category has 4 credits; Eco-1 Ecologically Sensitive Sites, Eco-2 Ecological Value, Eco-3 Biodiversity and Eco-4 Habitat Connectivity. If 3 of the 4 credits are scoped out (which does happen on occasion) then one credit would be left with an overall weighting (possible score) of 10.5 points. This would mean that one credit (of the 52 available) would be worth 10% of the entire score possible from the rating (out of 105 points).

To date, these issues have been resolved by the verifier completing a Distortion Check during their verification of scope outs. This has typically resulted in a manual change of the weightings by the verifier to make sure that the various credits are balanced and fair.

What’s been changed?

In order to manage the above issue, and to respond to stakeholder concern and feedback, an update to the scope out procedure has been endorsed which removes the potential for the credits to be distorted as part of the scope out process.

As of 16 December 2015, when a credit is scoped out the points associated with that credit will be normalized across all remaining credits. This means that when a credit is scoped out all remaining credits in the tool will increase by the same percentage of points.

This change removes an ambiguity in the scope out ‘re-weighting’ process and helps to establish a more consistent and robust way of managing distortions.

Download the new IS Scorecard here.

What does this mean for you?

New registrations will be required to use the new scope out process and new scorecard.

Existing ratings will be able to choose between the current scope out process, which includes a ‘distortion check’ undertaken by the verifier when scope outs are verified, or they can choose to adopt the new version of the scorecard and scope out process.

Please contact ISCA if you have any concerns or questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on +61 2 9252 9733.