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Tell us what you really think!

2015-11-02 23:46:52
Tell us what you really think!
Tell us what you really think!

ISCA is committed to the continuous improvement and expansion of the IS rating scheme in line with industry needs and lessons learnt from current experiences. This includes the expansion of the IS rating scheme to include workforce and economic themes and potential improvement of stakeholder participation credits. One mechanism in which ISCA is seeking feedback is through industry surveys.

ISCA currently seeking feedback from industry stakeholders with expertise in

  • workforce sustainability
  • infrastructure economics; including infrastructure business case development and decision making
  • infrastructure stakeholder engagement and communication

Please share this invitation with relevant colleagues.


Stakeholder Participation

As part of ISCA’s on-going commitment to evolve and refine the IS rating tool a number of working groups have been convened to undertake an investigation into key areas including Materials and Stakeholder Participation. The Stakeholder Participation Working Group has been tasked with reviewing the IS rating tool categories and credits associated with Stakeholder Participation (Sta 1-4) and Community Health, Well Being and Safety (Hea -1). The focus of these credits broadly falls into two categories:
·         Stakeholder Engagement: Hea-1; Sta-1 and Sta-2
·         Stakeholder Communications: Sta-3 and Sta-4
The aim of this survey is to gain a deeper understanding of uptake in these credits. Your feedback will help ensure the tool continues to improve and foster innovative, value adding sustainability outcomes in infrastructure.
Estimated survey time: 10 minutes


ISCA is developing Version 2 of the IS rating tool to include workforce sustainability elements such as well-being, workforce planning, equal employment opportunities and ethical supply chains. We are surveying the industry to understand business-as-usual practices and to identify what categories should be in the Workforce Theme of the IS rating tool. There are two surveys; one for government agencies and one for contractors and other organisations.
Estimated survey time: 20 minutes


Version 2 of the IS rating tool will also include economic themes to assess the broader economic impacts of infrastructure including wider economic value, environmental and social impacts, whole-of-life costing, decision making and options analysis and measuring the value of applying the IS rating tool. This survey aims to understand business-as-usual practices, identify leading practices within the industry, and to understand what categories should be included in the Economic Theme.
Estimated survey time: 20 minutes