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ISCA Board grows in size, experience and diversity

2015-09-29 02:58:55
L Moorhead and A Rowe
L Moorhead and A Rowe


The Board of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) has unanimously supported the appointment of two new Independent Directors, Leisel Moorhead and Alison Rowe, with immediate effect.

“I am delighted to welcome two new independent directors to the ISCA board. It is a sign of the maturity and success of our organisation that we are able to attract board members of their calibre and experience,” said ISCA Chair, David Singleton. “Both Alison Rowe and Leisel Moorhead are experienced corporate leaders with international experience as well as strong Australian engagement.”

Alison and Leisel join David Singleton (Chair), Mark Rogers (Deputy Chair), Russell Cuttler, Menno Henneveld, Jayne Whitney, Dale Connor, David Kinniburgh, Craig Tucker and Marko Misko; taking the total number of directors to eleven (11).

Mr Singleton continued, “As a long-term champion of gender equality in leadership, I am particularly pleased that their appointment brings the proportion of females on ISCA’s board back to 27%”.


Ms Leisel Moorhead

M Laws, B Laws, GD Legal Practice, BA
Partner, QIC Global Infrastructure 

Leisel has had board experience at Powerco Limited, Queensland Motorways Limited, QML group companies and  companies in the NorthWestern Roads Group (Westlink and NorthConnex).
As a Partner at QIC Global Infrastructure, Leisel is jointly responsibility for the global transport sector within the QIC GI team.  Leisel’s role includes reviewing and assessing transport sector opportunities globally and asset management of QIC’s transport sector investments.  Leisel has primary responsibility for environmental, social and governance matters for the QIC portfolio assets, including overseeing the integration of ESG matters into QIC’s investment processes. Leisel is responsible for managing QIC’s investment in NorthWestern Roads Group (Westlink M7, NorthConnex Tunnel Project) and CampusParc LLC (parking system at The Ohio State University) and has had responsibility for managing QIC’s interest in Powerco Limited (New Zealand’s second largest electricity and gas distribution company) and Thames Water Limited.


Ms Alison Rowe

Global Executive Diector, Fujitsu Limited

Alison is an accomplished Executive Director with global responsibilities at Fujitsu Limited. Alison is also a Non-Executive Director at the Future Business Council and BioRegional Australia; and has previously been a Non-Executive Director at Environment Victoria and One in Five. Alison has previously held roles at Transurban Ltd, BEST, Sigtec Pty Ltd, Ericsson Limited, Hermes Precisa Australia, State Revenue Office, Transport Accident Commission and the Royal Australian Navy.

The next meeting of the ISCA Board will take place at the Annual General Meeting on 21st October 2015 in Sydney.

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