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2014 Infrastructure Sustainability Update

2015-06-16 05:02:54
2014 Infrastructure Sustainability Update

2014 Infrastructure Sustainability Update is now available to download!

Hon Warren Truss MP, Stephen Troughton, David Singleton, Antony Sprigg, North West Rail Link, business case, heritage, asset management, new IS themes, IS revisions, IS in planning, IS ratings profiles and ISCA member directory…Infrastructure Sustainability Update 2014

“Australia’s lack of transparency in infrastructure decision-making has often led to inefficiency and community distrust…”


“ISCA made excellent progress in 2014, but we are not resting on our laurels…”


“Celebrating success is key for our industry, which is why we hosted the inaugural Sustainability in Infrastructure Awards in August 2014"


“All rating tools need to be ahead of the curve, and the IS rating scheme is no exception”

and more...


Available here: Infrastructure Sustainability Annual Update