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Colonial First State Global Asset Management Sponsors ISCA Website for the Second Year

2014-11-10 00:34:00
Colonial First State Global Asset Management Sponsors ISCA Website for the Second Year

ISCA would like to thank Colonial First State Global Asset Management for its continued support of ISCA through its sponsorship of the ISCA website as well as its long term membership to ISCA. 

As one of Australia’s first unlisted infrastructure investment managers, Colonial First State Global Asset Management (CFSGAM) Infrastructure has long been a driving force in implementing environment, social and governance (ESG) issues into investment strategies, particularly as they relate to risk mitigation and value creation. With a 20 year track record, their process of dealing with ESG issues has been in itself, an evolutionary process. When they began their journey, infrastructure was a relatively new investment class, presenting its own unique set of challenges.

CFSGAM is a signatory to the PRI and were the first financial institution to join the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA), where they were also appointed inaugural deputy chair. Their commitment to ESG is taken seriously and this is reflected in the dedicated resources within the business who are employed to lead the management of responsible investment.  Asset managers in the CFSGAM Infrastructure team are responsible for the ongoing monitoring and implementation of ESG requirements at the asset level and several of the team have been formally trained in the use of the ISCA Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Scheme.

As a committed signatory to the PRI, their decision making processes take into account the cost, value creation opportunities and risks associated with responsible investment.  In recognising this, the main objectives of their approach are to have costs and benefits attributed to ESG issues over the life cycle of an investment (value attribution); to have the PRI embedded in the responsibilities of a number of individuals across the business to ensure a broad and continuous focus on ESG issues; to be aware of potential regulatory or industry requirements with ESG implications; and to facilitate proactive management of ESG issues by identifying and mitigating risks.

Click here for more information about CFSGAM.