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2014 Individual Leadership in Infrastructure Sustainability Award

2014-09-02 02:05:02

This Award recognises the individual who best exhibits the most outstanding performance, leadership and greatest contribution to advance infrastructure sustainability in Australia. 

Winner: Katrina O'Mara                 

Highly Commended: Craig Tucker


  • Rob Arnott
  • Matthew Brennan
  • Louis Bettini
  • Sam Donaldson
  • Jayne Whitney
  • Renard Siew



WINNER: Katrina O'Mara, Associate Director – Sustainability and Climate Change, Aecom

Kat is a passionate and enthusiastic communicator, bringing these skills to her activities to encourage the uptake of infrastructure sustainability and the IS framework within AECOM, WA and broadly within Australia and NZ.

Few non ISCA staff members would be as actively involved with ISCA and the promotion of the IS scheme; as an assessor on the Gateway WA project, as a verifier since the pilot trials, assisting with the development of the IS Foundation Training and as an active contributor to WA based IS events as part of the informal coordination group.

She has played a leading role in promoting infrastructure sustainability, and the IS scheme in AECOM, WA and across ANZ. Kat is regularly contacted by our east coast offices of AECOM and by clients to provide insights as part of bids and project delivery.

With a long history of public speaking, Kat regularly gives presentations on the IS scheme, and the learnings which have assisted the projects she is involved with – benefits which resulted in Gateway being awarded Level 3 in Man-7 Knowledge Sharing.

 Craig Tucker IndAward

Highly Commended: Craig Tucker, Group Environmental Manager, Leighton Contractors

Over the last two years, Craig has kept environment and sustainability at the forefront of what we do at LCPL. Craig's ongoing work continues to see sustainability embedded and improved across all areas of our infrastructure business. His approach to IS is to make it simple, practical and accessible for the workforce, and to seamlessly integrate it into the way we do things through leading by example.

His achievements include developing key material and training for LCPL, getting environmental critical risks included in the LCPL 2014 Essentials program and seeing over 30 LCPL professionals trained as IS-accredited professionals.

Craig is dedicated to strengthening the construction industry, and this is evident through his participation with the ACA Sustainability Working Group, Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand, and the University of New England.

Craig is personally committed to the principles of sustainability, and has volunteered his time to give back to our communities by working with organisations such as Earthwatch, Conservation Volunteers Australia, AIEF and the Beacon Foundation.

 Rob Arnott IndAward

Rob Arnott, Project Director for NorthLink WA, Main Roads Western Australia

Rob's work on the Gateway WA Project pre-dated the availability of the IS rating tool. Nevertheless his personal commitment to sustainability principles was evident in the approach to the project planning and development for Gateway WA, a "look back" at which shows that all of the IS rating tool themes were addressed in the planning and project development activities. In scoping this work, Rob ensured that sustainability was integrated by requiring sustainability management and realisation plans as part of procurement, which was an innovative approach for Main Roads at that time. This positioned Gateway WA to pursue an "Excellent" IS rating at the delivery stage, the submission for which is currently with ISCA for verification. Rob continues to be involved in the Gateway WA project and contributes to the sustainability thinking for that project.

Rob is now Project Director for NorthLink WA, which comprises two road projects with a combined value of $1.12BN. Currently in the project development phase, NorthLink WA has registered with ISCA for a design rating. In doing this, Rob is seeking to consider sustainability and apply the IS rating tool earlier in the project lifecycle with a view to maximising outcomes in the delivery of the projects. This approach is also assisting ISCA in developing the IS Rating tool for application in infrastructure planning and project development.

Rob's strong emphasis on sustainability in the procurement process for project development services for NorthLink WA required proponents to prepare outline sustainability plans and was instrumental in encouraging many Western Australian consultants to complete IS foundation training. This has contributed to building industry understanding and capacity in WA.

 Matt Brennan IndAward

Matthew Brennan, Executive Manager, Sustainability, Tenix

Matthew is a sustainability professional with over 20 years' experience. Since joining Tenix in 2009, Matthew has been working within Tenix to transform its sustainability performance and help it achieve its ambition to become the sustainability leader in its sector.

Realizing the close alignment with ISCA's mission (or AGIC as it was then), Matthew identified the need to become a member of and support ISCA in developing an aspirational and pragmatic approach to infrastructure sustainability.

Determining that proof-of-concept was needed to accelerate progress in the sector, Matthew worked to pilot the IS rating tool and become the first to secure an IS rated project (the Whitsunday STP Upgrades Project).

Understanding that the rating could be leveraged beyond outcomes at the project level, Matthew has embedded the lessons learnt from the rating into Tenix's systems and procedures and also used this experience to develop a comprehensive sustainability competency training program (based on the IS rating tool) which is halfway through being rolled-out to key Tenix personnel.

He has also undertaken extensive external engagement with current and potential clients to build their comfort with ISCA and the IS rating tool. This has contributed to one rating and is expected to lead to several more over the coming year.

Matthew has also supported and promoted ISCA and IS to the industry through journal articles, conference and workshop presentations, provision of case studies and a conference paper.

He is working with other leaders in the construction sector to help establish the Australian Construction Supply Chain Sustainability School which seeks to build sustainability capacity and competency for key suppliers in this area.

Louis Bettini IndAward

Louis Bettini, Project Officer Sustainability, Main Roads Western Australia

Louis has worked in Sustainability at Main Roads since 2007. Louis was involved in the Sustainability Project Team which was responsible for implementing Main Roads' Sustainability policy which was released in 2006. Louis' role has been to take carriage of Main Roads' sustainability policy in the position of Project Officer Sustainability.

Originally it was envisaged that this position would drive medium level behavioural change however, the role has taken on far greater responsibilities that have resulted in taking responsibility and leading significant corporate commitments. Some of the key achievements that Louis has driven include Main Roads adopting a Carbon Reduction Target, Main Roads being the first public sector agency in Australia to formally report against the GRI framework and working with the City East Alliance project team to achieve an As Built IS rating of 'commended'. CEA was the first As Built IS rating in Australia.

Sam Donaldson IndAward 

Sam Donaldson, Senior HSE&S Representative, Laing O'Rourke

Sam has been as an environmental and sustainability representative in the rail infrastructure sector for over four years. Working for Laing O'Rourke, I have led environmental and sustainability management on a number of key infrastructure projects in the rail industry.

The sustainability management systems and processes Sam has introduced and implemented for both design and construction phases of a project have put Laing O'Rourke in a position to proactively monitor, assess and report sustainability compliance, environmental sustainability, contractual conditions, greenhouse gas emissions, energy, waste and water.

As a sustainability professional, Sam has shown commitment, passion and excellence in the business, demonstrated by the individual assignments such as the sustainability audit which was delivered Australia-wide and has been used to assess business practices and reporting procedures for carbon emissions, energy, waste production and disposal. Sam also developed a learning manual developed to provide comprehensive understanding on how to collect, calculate, assess and report on Scope 3 GHG emissions data, as well as assess cost effective sustainability design initiatives has provided numerous organisational learning and benefits for Laing O’Rourke.

His greatest infrastructure project achievement was the Auburn Stabling Project achieving 95% of all sustainability design initiatives for the project, 22% over the contractual requirements for sustainability. This result displayed to the client, Transport for New South Wales, the high level commitment and passion Laing O’Rourke has for sustainability in infrastructure.

 Jayne Whitney IndAward

Jayne Whitney, Former Tenix

Jayne led Tenix's sustainability program and agenda for five years and led the transformation of Tenix from an organization that struggled to understand what sustainability meant for the infrastructure sector, to one that is now arguably one of the leaders in this space.

The key ingredients in this transformation included the first IS rating, a comprehensive multi-year triple-bottom-line sustainability strategy, sustainability training and sustainability performance tracking and reporting.
Through her efforts on ISCA's Board, Jayne has done much to help lift ISCA's effectiveness and therefore contribute to the overall sustainability of the infrastructure sector.

 Renard Siew IndAward

Renard Siew, Post Graduate Fellow, University of NSW

Renard is currently a postgraduate teaching fellow with the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW. His research interests lies in infrastructure sustainability and green construction processes. He did his PhD at UNSW examining the effectiveness of current sustainability reporting/rating tools (SRTs) for buildings/infrastructure and proposed various mechanisms to further enhance their impact.

In 2014, he won a Highly Commended paper award conferred by the Emerald Literati Network for his research in building/infrastructure sustainability. Renard received his Bachelor of Civil Engineering (First Class Honours) from UNSW in 2010 with the support of the Yayasan Sime Darby Scholarship.

He was the recipient of the Brookfield Multiplex Engineering Construction Management Prize, Australian Conferences Management Education for Engineers (ACMEE) Award and the Centre of Offshore Foundation Systems (COFS) Vacation Summer Scholarship. He is also a Green Star Accredited Professional (Design & As-Built) and is a member of the Future Green Leaders Network, United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI)- Responsible Property Investment Academic Network the Network for Sustainable Markets.