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Our New Website! Members and ISAP only areas...

2014-05-22 05:50:45
Our New Website! Members and ISAP only areas...

ISCA is excited to announce an important upgrade to our website. We have added new features exclusively available to ISCA members and some also for IS Accredited Professionals (ISAPs). These include a Knowledge Hub and a suite of on-line Discussion Forums.

Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub will be the place to go if you want to locate any references relevant to infrastructure sustainability such as case studies, reports or guidelines. The Knowledge Hub has already been populated with references from the IS Technical Manual so there are already 135 references available. Members will also have the opportunity to submit material for the Knowledge Hub and we encourage them to do so. Submissions will be vetted before publication and advertising material will not be allowed. Using the Knowledge Hub is a great way to demonstrate knowledge sharing and earn points under this credit in the IS rating tool.

Discussion Forums

The Discussion Forums have been structured to engage with and involve our members on all topics related to infrastructure sustainability. It is important that our members are part of the ISCA community and can feel confident that their views, opinions and expertise related to the IS scheme are captured and heard by us here at ISCA.

The forums will also be a place where our members can engage with each other and have robust discussions around sustainability in infrastructure. Current forum categories include:

Themes and categories: Use these forums to discuss aspects relating to particular themes, categories or credits within the IS rating tool. This could be around the benchmarks, additional guidance, evidence requirements/documents, issues or improvements, how these categories relate to your project and operations, tips and tricks or lessons learnt

Location: forums to engage in discussions with other members in your state or territory. This may be IS related or more generally related to infrastructure sustainability. We hope that this forum serves as a place where people can network, share information and provide input into the future development of the IS rating scheme.

Infrastructure Types: forums to engage in infrastructure project related discussions with other members across Australia and New Zealand

Stakeholders: Use these forums to discuss aspects specific to stakeholder roles in IS ratings. ‘IS Users’ is for people using the IS rating tool for ratings – assessors and others. Discussion could be around the rating process, tips, hints, lessons learnt and seeking help. ‘Verifiers’ is only for IS verifiers. Discussions will relate to the verification process, standardisation and sharing of ideas. ‘ISAPs’ is for all IS Accredited Professionals. Discussions could relate to training, the accreditation process, benefits and how to maintain proficiency.


ISAPs will now be able to update their details which are shown on the ISAP register through their user profile, access an ISAP only forum, and download up to date, electronic versions of the Technical Manual (coming soon).