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Seeking Input to ‘Quantifying the Contribution of Green Infrastructure to Carbon Performance’

2014-01-14 11:53:00
Seeking Input to ‘Quantifying the Contribution of Green Infrastructure to Carbon Performance’

ISCA has commenced a new research project to provide guidance on quantifying the carbon impacts of green infrastructure. In this context, ‘green infrastructure’ refers to the network of natural and semi-natural areas and features (vegetation) associated with infrastructure assets.As the understanding of the benefits of green infrastructure has developed, efforts have also been made to quantify those benefits. In a project context, quantifying green infrastructure benefits requires an understanding of the green infrastructure features and assets, what benefit they provide, for whom, and how these will be altered by the project. There is currently only limited guidance in the IS Technical Manual on quantifying the carbon impact of vegetation clearing, with a reference to the Australian Government’s NCAT Toolbox. Given recent efforts to quantify green infrastructure benefits in relation to carbon, there is an opportunity to review, and if required, update this aspect of the IS rating tool Energy and Carbon Category.


 The project will be led by ISCA’s intern, Parisa Pakzad (see related story) and will involve three main steps:

  1. Identifying existing tools and guidelines for calculating the carbon impacts of green infrastructure (natural infrastructure) components.

  2. Reviewing existing tools and guidelines to determine those which are most relevant and appropriate to the various types of infrastructure assessed under the IS rating scheme.

  3. Developing further guidance on use of the most relevant and appropriate tools.

With this project having kicked-off, ISCA urgently seeks assistance with the first step i.e. advice on tools and guidelines that support the quantification of the carbon impacts of green infrastructure. This might include tools and guidelines that relate to: 

  • Clearing of vegetation
  • Landscaping
  • Vegetation offsets
  • Soil impacts (e.g. carbon farming)

If you have any information that may assist this project, please email Parisa directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by 20 January 2014. Where possible please provide the name, source and a link to the relevant tool or guideline.