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End of Year Message from the CEO

2013-12-16 11:44:00
Antony Sprigg
Antony Sprigg

The establishment of ISCA (originally AGIC), along with the scoping, developing and trialling of the IS scheme, has been led by industry for industry. This could not have been achieved without the numerous professionals involved in this journey who volunteered their time, insights and energy.

 Our Founding Members and early Members provided the critical early industry leadership and support needed to establish ISCA, one of the world’s only peak bodies for infrastructure sustainability. I want to thank and congratulate all those organisations and individuals involved to date.

Looking back on 2013, it is clear all this hard work and leadership shown by so many individuals and organisations has been justified and is paying off. This is demonstrated by the number of projects which have registered for an IS rating and individuals who have attended IS training. Another indicator of industries achievement is the growing trend in procurement organisations (public and private) embedding detailed IS requirements into tender documentation to inform, evaluate and assess performance. 

The first two Certified IS ratings were awarded this year – congratulations to all those involved. Both projects were able to qualify and quantify sustainability benefits across a range of credits, contributing to the ‘business case’.

We will be launching our online knowledge hub and interactive industry forums for our Members early next year, also the ISCA Infrastructure Sustainability Conference, and the Gala and Awards Night are programmed for later in 2014.

With 2014 already shaping up to be an exciting year for ISCA and our Members, I wish you a safe and happy holiday and look forward to our continued engagement in the new year.

Antony Sprigg

Chief Executive Officer