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Softly, Softly on the hard task of Sustainable Infrastructure

2013-08-02 06:56:00
ISNGI, Australia 2013 - 1-4 October
ISNGI, Australia 2013 - 1-4 October

While green buildings have become standard for government – and projections suggest they’ll soon become the norm for most new construction – infrastructure in Australia is a completely different story.

When you think of the scale of some infrastructure development there’s a huge untapped potential for savings, both environmental and economic.

However, getting infrastructure projects to adopt sustainability goals is a hard ask. Where the building industry has years of hard data proving the business and environmental case for sustainability, infrastructure lacks both local precedent and a market to drive the change.

While tenants can up and leave to new sustainable digs in order to improve productivity, worker retention and overheads, in the infrastructure world we’re stuck with what gets built, sustainable or otherwise.

The Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia has been created to address the issue of sustainability in infrastructure development and operation.

“Where GBCA’s Green Star is the building sectors leading rating sustainability tool, ISCA’s IS Scheme is Australia’s only sustainability performance, assurance and rating tool for civil works and infrastructure projects and assets,” says Sprigg.

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