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Priorities for Infrastructure in Australia

2013-09-23 06:33:00
Priorities for Infrastructure in Australia

ISCA Chairman discusses the prospect for our Nation's infrastructure in a global context.

 This article was produced by Engineers Australia and featured in their September 2013 publication. 

By 2020, Asia’s economic output will be larger than Europe’s and North America’s combined. If Australians are to maintain a relatively high standard of living we must either find additional products [or resources] to sell to the world, mainly Asia, or increase the efficiency at which we produce our output. Without globally competitive infrastructure assets that are more efficient than those available at present, to increase our productivity and our standard of living, we are likely to lose some of the economic gains of the last two decades.

We can consider such assets as vehicles for intergenerational wealth transfer, as our current day investments in infrastructure appropriately facilitate use by future generations to achieve a higher standard of living.

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