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Sydney Metro Northwest

This is an IS Rating program from Transport for NSW (TfNSW) consisting of three individual packages.


Sydney Metro Northwest is the first stage of the Sydney Metro program of works, Australia’s biggest public transport project being delivered by the NSW Government.

The $8.3 billion Sydney Metro Northwest runs from Rouse Hill to Chatswood and will be Australia’s first fully automated metro rail system, delivering eight new railway stations, five upgraded stations, 36 kilometres of new metro rail and a reliable public transport service to a region with the highest car ownership levels per household in Australia. A Northwest Sustainability Strategy was developed in 2012, outlining key strategic objectives for the project. Passenger services start in the first half of 2019.

The project is being delivered through three major construction contracts. An enabling works contract was completed prior to construction commencing, received an As-Built ISCA IS rating of Excellence. All three major construction contracts are required through contractual documentation to obtain an Excellence or higher ISCA Design and As-Built rating. To date all contracts have achieved a Leading Design rating, and the two completed contracts have also achieved a Leading As-Built rating. The three contracts are:

  1. Tunnels Stations and Civils
  2. Surface, Viaduct and Civils
  3. Operations and Construction

The construction of Sydney Metro Northwest is meeting and exceeding its set sustainability targets – leading Australia in best practice sustainability.

“We are excited about the benchmarks in sustainability we could achieve in transport infrastructure and look forward to sharing these achievements with our customers and key stakeholders.”

Rodd Staples - Former Program Direct 2011-November 2017 Northwest Rail Link Sustainability Strategy 2012



Australian Construction Association, Sustainability Award (2018)

Green Globe Award for Public Sector Leadership (2016)

NSW Premier’s Award for Public Service Leadership (2015)

Banksia Award for Innovation in Social Infrastructure (2014)

International Association of Public Participation’s Core Values Award for Community Engagement (2014)

Planning Institute of Australia Award for Education (2014)

International Erosion Control Association Australian Environmental Excellence Award (2014)

Rating Highlights

Highest As-Built Leading rating (Tunnels Stations and Civils contract) under the ISCA rating scheme.

The score of 92.5 is the highest ever score for an As-Built infrastructure project globally (Sydney Metro Tunnels Stations and Civils contract).

Sustainability has been core to the Sydney Metro Northwest project from the beginning. The initiatives in the Northwest Sustainability Strategy were made contractual requirements and working hand-in-hand with delivery partners Sydney Metro was able to achieve exceptional achievements and outcomes in the space of sustainability.

Key Environmental Achievements:

  • Australian First: 100 per cent offset of operational energy through a new build renewable energy project in rural NSW. Being a leader in minimising emissions and mitigating climate risk, while create jobs and growth for regional areas.
  • 1 MW solar array (largest such publicly owned asset in Australia) on top of the Sydney Metro Trains Facility, helping to power loads in stations and precincts
  • Life cycle cost analysis was integrated into design and key decision making to ensure lowest impact from the commencement of the project in 2011
  • Australian First: the creation of an Electricity Consumption Software Model to model and baseline high voltage and low voltage electricity consumption to ensure ongoing optimisation and improvements
  • The design, build and operations of Sydney Metro Northwest system addresses the likely impacts of climate change risk over the life of the railway line, and builds in appropriate resilience and future flexibility
  • Landfill avoidance -96 per cent of non-contaminated construction waste has been recycled (initial target set at 90 per cent, which has been exceeded by delivery partners); and 100 per cent of clean spoil has been beneficial reused as per initial target
  • Australian First: fully automated rolling stock meaning the operations of the train (accelerating, stopping, etc.) is optimised to ensure minimal energy is used for traction
  • The energy generated from braking of the trains is captured and reused, further enhancing the efficiency in the rolling stock
  • 95 per cent of a Sydney Metro train is recyclable at end of life
  • Nearly one million native and drought resistant plants used along the Sydney Metro Northwest alignment, helping to lessen the impacts of heat island effect
  • Diligence with environmental compliance procedures has ensured that there have been no significate pollution or non-compliance events

Key social sustainability achievements –

  • Over 15.9 million hours worked and counting with zero fatalities or major incidents
  • Over 1300 new sustainable jobs created during tunnels, viaduct and operations works on the Northwest project (more than 40 per cent of these job are from Greater Western Sydney)
  • Australian First: The establishment of the NSW Infrastructure Skills Centre, the first integrated infrastructure skills and employment centre in Australia and the Sydney Metro Industry Curriculum was introduced to address skills gaps
  • Over 70 people who were identified as long-term unemployed has participated in the Sydney Metro pre-employment program, which helps local and long-term unemployed people find jobs on major infrastructure projects
  • Australian First: A fully equipped Sydney Metro Northwest station prototype has been built to inform the community about Sydney Metro Northwest project, and gather feedback related to customer experience
  • Four kilometres of bike path and 240 secure bicycle parking spaces are being put in place, enhancing local connectivity

For further detail and achievements refer to Sydney Metro Sustainability Report 2017.



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