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Level Crossing Removal Project - Melton Highway

This project by BMD Constructions has registered for a Design v1.2 IS Rating.


Works to build a new six-lane road bridge over the Sunbury and Bendigo rail lines are underway as part of the Melton Highway Level Crossing Removal Project.

In January 2018, the level crossing was removed and the south side of the road bridge opened to cars, pedestrians and cyclists for the first time.

At of the beginning of August 2018, the northern side of the road bridge opened with two lanes of traffic now flowing in both directions.

Currently, finishing works are taking place on:

  • new bike lanes and footpaths on the bridge
  • new paths and open space under and around the bridge
  • the connection of Victoria and Sydenham roads under the bridge
  • lighting and artwork to improve safety and amenity.

 This project is part of the Level Crossings Removal Program.



To find out more about this project, visit the Level Crossing Removal Authority