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Ventia – Bringing Sustainability to The Front

Ventia – bringing sustainability to the front
At Ventia, we're passionate about making infrastructure work for our communities and we strive to do that in a sustainable way.
Through every decision and action we take, we have an opportunity to make a positive impact on the people and the world around us.
To this end, we have formed a Sustainability Council which is accountable to the Board and instils our Sustainability values to change and embrace the diversity within our organisation, to deliver value to our clients and their customers and ensure it is embedded into everything that we do.
Our Sustainability Council, which is backed by accountabilities and Charters, is made up of Sector/Business Leads, Working Party Chairs and ESG Specific Co-Sponsors and is considered a game changer to enable and sustain value to key stakeholders including our clients and to our business.
Incorporated within the Council are designated Working Parties across Resource Efficiency, Diversity and Inclusion and Good Governance, as part of the Environment, Social Governance (ESG) Disciplines to ensure performance targets are assigned and tracked per our Sustainability Strategy.
Resource Efficiency Working Party
We continually seek innovative solutions to minimise the strain on natural and finite resources in order to maximise benefits and values to stakeholders and clients. This will minimise business operational costs and impacts as well as striving for a better world for current and future generations, including:
  • proactively managing waste materials as a resource, to minimise waste generated as a business and utilise technologies to enable material efficiencies;
  • understanding our water consumption to strive to reduce that by eliminating and or recycling water where practical to do so;
  • identifying relevant risks and opportunities across the business to continually strive to reduce emissions through innovation to achieve resource conservation, carbon footprint reduction and maximise costs savings
Diversity and Inclusion Working Party
We believe in the value that diversity brings to our business. Every day we work across diverse communities in Australia and New Zealand, so it’s important that our workforce reflects this diversity.
Diversity within our teams also ensures that we bring to the table new ideas and perspectives, harnessing the know-how of our people to get the job done for our purpose including such as:
  • challenge and improve diversity across all levels (including executive/senior leadership) in our business;
  • instil a culture where employees feel welcome, respected, and empowered to grow; and
  • celebrate differences in gender, background, qualifications and experiences — and also differences in approach and viewpoints.
Good Governance Working Party
Ventia strives to elevate and maintain a position as a leading essential services provider to the communities in which we work whilst delivering those services as a good corporate citizen.  We are also instilling a culture across the organisation of acting lawfully, ethically, and in a socially responsible manner to: 
  • identify the standards and features of good governance that are relevant to Ventia’s operations and sustainability commitments;
  • strive to develop plans that can be effectively and efficiently implemented by the business in a manner that delivers demonstrable best practice in the area of good governance
  • support the organisational culture of acting lawfully, ethically, and in a socially responsible manner; and
  • foster change, diversity of thought, collaboration across Ventia’s Sectors and Corporate Functions, and leadership development.
This overall Sustainability structure, driven by the Sustainability Council, supports our view that sustainability is central to our decision-making processes. ESG elements outlined here play a fundamental role in our ability to create and sustain value for our clients and our business, as well as effectively manage risk and opportunity.
More information about Ventia can be found here.