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ISAP Renewal Update - FY22

Update for ISAPs - FY22

The ISAP renewal period will be active from 1 June – 30 September 2021.
To renew your ISAP accreditation you will be required to complete the FY22 renewal exam and payment of AUD$205 plus GST.
What is the FY22 renewal process?
If you are part of a group invoice you will receive the link to the exam from your ISAP contact in your organisation.
If you are an individual ISAP you will need to pay through the ISCA website and the link to the exam will be sent to you as part of your payment confirmation.

The renewal portal is located in the Events page in "Get Involved".
What you need to do:
Confirm who your ISAP contact for your organisation is.
Confirm with your organisation whether they are paying for your renewal as part of a group invoice.  This will impact on how you receive the link to the exam.
What ISCA will do:
We will notify all current ISAPs when the exam is available by social media and through our website
We will review renewals regularly throughout the renewal period and update our system accordingly
What happens if I don’t complete the renewal process?
After 30 August ISCA will review the ISAP list and remove access to the portal for all non-current ISAPs.

If you have any queries regarding the ISAP renewal process please contact