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Ecologiq: Greener Transport Infrastructure


About Ecologiq

Ecologiq will help build greener transport infrastructure for Victoria, by optimising the use of recycled and reused materials in the construction and maintenance of infrastructure assets.
The program is an initiative of Victoria’s Big Build, which is delivering more than 120 projects and provides an opportunity to drive significant change in the reuse of waste material and sustainability outcomes.
One of the ways Ecologiq will achieve this is through the Recycled First policy, which was released in March this year. Recycled First requires bidders on infrastructure projects to demonstrate how they will optimise the use of sustainable materials in delivery.
Ecologiq is also working with government, industry and organisations such as ISCA to address barriers and raise awareness and support for waste materials. The program will also promote access to education and training in the use of recycled materials and help build a sustainable market for this content.
For more information on the Ecologiq program and Recycled First, please contact