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Case Study | Transport for NSW – Infrastructure Delivery

2019 Infrastructure Sustainability Awards Case Study 
Organisational Leadership – Public 
Transport for NSW – Infrastructure Delivery  


Transport for NSW (TfNSW) Infrastructure Delivery section is a key driver of sustainable infrastructure. Infrastructure Delivery mandates sustainability on all projects, either through the TfNSW Sustainable Design Guidelines 4.0 or the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) Rating Scheme.  

TfNSW takes a progressive approach by mandating solar and climate risk evaluation on eligible projects, ensuring assets are designed and constructed to be resilient in consideration of our changing climate. Their commitment to sustainability aims to drive change in their industry, and create a significant and lasting impact. To drive organisation and industry capacity building and processes, Infrastructure Delivery has developed a set of tools to streamline the IS Rating process. They demonstrate long-term thinking through aspects such as the 2056 future transport strategy. 

TfNSW exhibit good practical application of their project pipeline and have the ability to translate sustainable guidelines. They effectively demonstrate the UN SDGs and links to organisational mandates.  

It is evident that their impressive toolkit and training is leading through all projects, with significant supply chain engagement and outcomes (e.g. access, climate). 

“Transport for NSW is an effective leader with strong adherence to UN SDGs and positive results with innovation.” – Award Judges 


  • 90%: percentage of customer journeys that begin from locations which now have universal access 

  • 71: number of projects within the Transport Access Program planned over the next 4 years  

  • 54: number of current and future projects actively using IS Rating Small Projects Pathway