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Case Study | Recycled Glass Sand

Case Study –  Recycled Glass Sand

This is a by-product from the regular glass recycling process, a waste and an alternative to quarried virgin sand.  Small glass particles are crushed to a 5mm minus size, suitable for bedding material for combined rail services conduits and drainage applications while also offering safety benefits of reduced silica content versus traditional quarried sand at a reduced cost.


McConnell Dowell previously successfully used glass sand on a VicRoads project at Breakwater and understanding it had been successfully used on Melbourne Water projects for drainage bedding, were confident in using the product.

WPA worked with MTM on a risk assessment process for use of Glass Sand resulting in a formal ‘type approval’ being issued by MTM which makes future use of the product in rail environments easier.  

Through knowledge sharing by WPA with the other LXRP program alliances, the material was subsequently used by the North West Program Alliance at their High Street Level Crossing Removal Project.

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