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Case Study: Level Crossing Removal Project – Buckley Street, Essendon Achieves a ‘Leading’ IS Rating

Project background
The Buckley Street Level Crossing Removal Project is part of the wider Level Crossing Removal Project’s  (LXRP) program of works to remove 75 of the most dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne by 2025. The Buckley Street crossing was removed in 2018 by construction of a road underpass beneath the railway line, as well as upgrading the adjacent heritage Essendon Station precinct. The project was delivered by the North Western Program Alliance, which is made up of LXRP, John Holland, KBR and Metro Trains Melbourne.
Buckley Street is one of the key arterial roads in Melbourne’s inner north west, connecting Keilor and Avondale Heights in the west with Mt Alexander Road in the east. Before the level crossing was removed, the boom gates were down for about 78 minutes during the morning peak, impacting the 11,000 vehicles that used the road each day. The core benefits of removing the level crossing are improving safety, reducing congestion, improving travel time reliability, and increasing the capacity to run more trains on the network.
Key achievements
  • Undertaking a robust climate change risk assessment, resulting in the incorporation of a number of relevant adaptation measures into the design
  • Implementation of a comprehensive urban design, highlighted by the high quality interpretation of the heritage station precinct
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) across the project’s construction and operation, through widespread application of efficient LED lighting
  • Diversion from landfill of 100% spoil, 97% construction waste, and 65% office waste by volume



It is acknowledged that this achievement has been the result of close collaboration and inputs from multiple stakeholders including:
  • Leadership by the Level Crossing Removal Project as the client, and Metro Trains Melbourne as the asset operator, in collaboration with Alliance partners John Holland and KBR
  • Consultant designers Wood Marsh Architects and Tract Landscape Architects
  • Knowledge and innovation sharing facilitated by the Level Crossing Removal Project with other Alliances delivering level crossing removals across Melbourne
'As Alliance General Manager of the North Western Program Alliance (NWPA), I am delighted that our team at Buckley Street have been acknowledged for all their efforts to reach this outstanding result. They have set a new ISCA benchmark that each subsequent NWPA project team can now aim to exceed.
NWPA takes great pride in fulfilling the Level Crossing Removal Project’s (LXRP) goal of delivering projects which are both future-focused and sustainable. There is also real determination to share information and innovations across all level crossing alliances, as was demonstrated by the collaboration between alliances during this project.
We don’t just remove level crossings; we aim to work responsibly and sustainably to improve Greater Melbourne’s transport network and create great places for the community to enjoy now and into the future.
"This IS Rating proves we are on the right track."

Rob Cranston
Alliance General Manager
North Western Program Alliance
Project Name: Level Crossing Removal Project – Buckley Street, Essendon
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Proponent: Level Crossing Removal Project
Contractor: North Western Program Alliance
IS Assessor: Rachael Lee
IS Project Manager: Luke Sammut