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IS Rating Scheme Feedback




The IS Rating Scheme was developed with significant input from industry to make it accessible and relevant in many different scenarios. This has led to the development of comprehensive and detailed Technical Manuals for use and application by the industry. We recognise however that every Project is unique and that the IS Rating Scheme’s application will vary based on the local context. That is why we have developed the Feedback Loop – the continuous feedback process we use to receive feedback from our users and stakeholders to make sure the IS Rating Scheme remains relevant to the industry.



We aim to keep our tools and resources as relevant as possible to stakeholders who are interested or impacted by them. The industry, society and environment are ever changing, so we have adopted a continuous improvement approach to ensure the IS Rating Scheme keeps up with these trends. Every five years we formally undertake major updates to the Technical Manuals. In between we provide industry with feedback opportunities and pathways to improve the tool. 

If you have a question or would like to provide feedback about the IS Rating Scheme, we invite you to submit your query below. Some questions are easy to address, while others require more work. This is largely dependent on how complex the issues are, and the possible impact on the industry, supply chain and other projects. The flow chart below outlines the feedback process.




Language and Presentation

Feedback on unintended, immaterial or visual presentation anomalies within written documents.  This also includes possible unintended inconsistencies between requirements or recommendations within the IS Rating Scheme. 

General Queries

Feedback that is more general in nature and are unlikely to significantly alter the rating scheme and the rating tool.  For example, queries could be seeking term definitions that are not outlined in the credit requirements. Queries may also lead to the development of a technical clarification or credit interpretation request.

Technical Clarifications and Credit Interpretations (non-rating)

Feedback that relates to technical aspects that require clarification or interpretation resulting in a ruling outside a rating. They do not propose material provision changes that would require a significant change in practice by industry and/or significantly shift the expectations of industry in application. Technical Clarifications are where there is real or perceived uncertainty as to how a credit is interpreted.  A Credit Interpretation Request is a proposal for an alternative yet equivalent method to meet the aim of a credit.  

Feedback of this nature is stakeholder-driven and must be supported by relevant industry participants. Stakeholders wanting to develop and lodge non-rating Technical Clarifications or Credit Interpretation Requests using this method will need to demonstrate support from a wide range of relevant and impacted stakeholders as determined by ISCA.

Rulings which result from a Technical Clarification or Credit Interpretation Requests do not substantively change, alter or adjust the scope and/or coverage of the IS Rating Scheme.

Substantive Revision

Feedback that seeks to propose a substantive revision are changes that alter or adjust the scope and/or coverage of the IS Rating Scheme.  This would require a significant change in practice, expectations, and application of the Scheme.

Applicants that submit a request for a Substantive Revision will be provided with a Proposal to Revise form after their initial feedback submission. The Proposal to Revise form will ask the applicant to clearly outline the current issue with the relevant tool, why it is a problem, the proposed solution, a statement that addresses the benefits of undertaking the revision, and a demonstration by the applicant that the entire Proposal to Revise is supported by a wide range of relevant and impacted industry stakeholders.



If you would like to have an informal discussion with the ISCA team about your query or have some questions about the feedback loop process, get in touch with the team via email or by calling +61 2 9252 9733.



If you are ready to submit your feedback, fill in the form below and our team will be in touch.

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