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Regional Development Australia Far North Queensland and Torres Strait


Regional Development Far North Queensland and Torres Strait is part of a national network of 52 RDA Committees made up of local leaders who work with all levels of government, business and community groups to support the economic development of their regions.

RDA FNQ&TS has an active and facilitative role in our communities, covering 21 local government areas to grow strong and confident regional economies that harness their competitive advantages, seize on economic opportunity and attract investment.

RDA FNQ&TS supports projects, policies and programmes designed to strengthen human capital, improve productivity, invest in infrastructure, increase access to markets, build our regional comparative advantage and business competitiveness leading to increased economic activity and the creation of new jobs along with social prosperity.  RDA FNQ&TS builds, sustains and brokers collaborative partnerships to deliver regional outcomes across a diverse range of stakeholders utilizing the networks and capacity of its volunteer Committee drawn from leaders and experts from across the region. Collaborative partnerships are the foundation to our work.  RDA FNQ&TS actively promotes Australian Government programmes and supports community and industry to access funding sources to deliver on economic development outcomes, with a strong focus on infrastructure related funding opportunities.

“RDA FNQ&TS became a member of the ISCA to connect with the leading national industry body focused on advancing sustainability in infrastructure. As a regional economic development organisation, RDA is committed to securing investment in efficient and effective economic enabling infrastructure crucial to the prosperity, productivity and liveability of our communities and regions.  The ISCA enables us to tap into and promote the uptake of the latest approaches to providing sustainable infrastructure.” Jann Crase, CEO, RDA FNQ&TS