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Murdoch University


Murdoch University is a research-led university, which focuses on multidisciplinary translational research with real-life impact. It has an established history in energy research and development, including hosting the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE), and a centre for Energy, Water and Waste under the Harry Butler Institute. Murdoch has a long history in sustainable energy, water and waste, which has stimulated the development of research capacity in other Western Australian, Australian and international institutions.

Murdoch University is a signatory of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development and offers a range courses to prepare skilled taskforce in the area of renewable and sustainable energy.

“ Using ISCA  as a guide, we developed a well-structured, industry-based course and a capstone unit for the professional practice stream, ‘Sustainable Energy Development’. According to student this unit helped them to demonstrate what they have learned and the acquired skills that can be used in their profession. “ -Tania Urmee, Associate Professor, Murdoch University

“.. your course alongside the excellent mentors and finally the accreditation by ISCA, were the reasons behind initiating a shift in my career as a part time Sustainability advisor, in addition to my normal Supply Chain duties in my Oil & Gas company .” –  A student of – Masters of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, batch 2020. “