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Lighthouse Road


A Sustainability Leader and Strategist, Shaun brings his 25 years of knowledge and experience in heavy industry to partner with business leaders to build sustainable, intelligent and resilient organisations that thrive in an increasingly complex and changing operating environment. Shaun's advocacy and utilisation of systems leadership, engineering and thinking has proven him to be an invaluable asset to multiple clients and projects where innovation, transformation, stakeholder engagement and strategic navigation is paramount.

Shaun's expertise includes:

  • Corporate Citizenship

  • Climate Change Adaptation

  • Circular Economy Design and Road Mapping

  • Sustainability Innovation - IoT, AI, AR, VR, Drones

  • Supply Chain Sustainability - Life Cycle Analysis

  • Operating Rhythm

Before starting up Lighthouse Road, Shaun enjoyed a successful Executive and Leadership career including being the Board Member and Director of a UK manufacturing firm, Commercial Manager for a US multinational corporation and 6 years in the Royal Australian Navy. In addition to his current responsibilities at Lighthouse Road, he sits on the Board of a number of not for profit and commercial entities providing strategic, innovation and transformation advisory services.

Shaun holds a Masters Business and Technology from the University of New South Wales and Bachelor Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Technology, Sydney.