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Id Planning


Denise Wilson has built Id Planning into the consulting firm which Australia’s major infrastructure industry turns to when they need a partner who strengthens relationships, provides advice and support, and delivers results on the ground. Id Planning works across the urban planning, transport, public infrastructure, health, environment and education sectors for clients including Transport for NSW, NSW Roads and Maritime Services, Sydney Metro, ARTC, NSW Department of Planning Infrastructure and Environment, and with tier 1 engineering and construction companies.
Across 25 years the team at Id Planning has designed and delivered legions of successful communications and engagement programs, plans and strategies. Denise leads negotiations with key stakeholders and impacted communities and provides negotiation, conflict resolution and issues management. 
As an in-demand independent mediator, Denise Wilson is recognised for her ability to resolve disputes and negotiate appropriate solutions for contentious issues on complex projects. She has chaired many construction and community committees including WestLink M7, Legacy Way (Brisbane, QLD), Kurnell Desalination Plant and the Sydney Cross City Tunnel at the height of its controversial opening. Denise has been successful in negotiating issues to create better outcomes (feasible, affordable and safe) for all parties including state government agencies