An assured and more directed approach to managing the sustainability of your assets/networks

Following endorsement by the Board in December 2016, ISCA are making the final arrangements to launch IS Operations rating v1.2 in February 2017.

The development of the IS Operations rating tool occurred alongside the revision of Version 1.2 for Design and As Built in October 2015. The process has progressed through detailed analysis and review which included consultation, interviews and surveys with stakeholders. The findings from this analysis and the feedback from industry and rating partners has enabled better integration of sustainability into operational activities and practices. IS Operations rating v1.2 provides:

  • A transparent approach to sustainability governance and enhanced stakeholder communication, as it defines current best practices and determines what constitutes superior performance
  • Credible consistent evaluation across asset classes or regions as well as within networks or across portfolios
  • A practical approach to quantifying performance gaps and material sustainability aspects, to inform decision making regarding minimisation of lifecycle costs and maximisation quadruple bottom-line returns
  • Assurance of what constitutes improvement, with specific and measurable outcomes to advance from current levels of performance

Stay tuned for more information, or register your interest in attending a launch event at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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