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ISCA is planning to release the IS Operation in February 2017. Development of IS Operation has benefited from feedback from IS Operations Pilot ratings, IS Streamlining Project and industry consultation. 

The IS rating scheme comprised the final version of the Design and As-Built components of the IS rating tool, along with the unpiloted draft of the IS Operations rating component. The final development step for IS Operations was to conduct pilot trials with a cross-section of asset classes and scales. This pilot program is nearing completion where the insights and learnings from the registered pilots and broader industry stakeholder consultation will inform the finalisation of the IS Operations component of the rating scheme.

ISCA is grateful for the contributions of all those involved in the eight pilots, listed in the following table.





Sydney South Zone Road Asset Management



NSW Roads and Maritime Services

Auckland Airport


 AA Logo

Auckland Airport

Adelaide Airport



Adelaide Airport Ltd

Yarra Park Water Recycling Facility



Melbourne Cricket Club

MRWA Road Network


 MRWA 2015small

Main Roads WA

Sewage Treatment Plant



Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council

Gold Coast Light Rail



KDR Gold Coast Pty Ltd

Waste Water Treatment Plants



Queensland Urban Utilities

The benefits of applying the IS scheme in an asset operations and maintenance context and identified through the pilots and engagement with industry include:

  • Improved sustainability performance of, and outcomes generated by, infrastructure projects over their lifecycle
  • More efficient use of resources (reducing costs through greater energy efficiency, reduced waste disposal, and improved risk management)
  • Facilitating better decision making during infrastructure operations and asset management to deliver more sustainable outcomes
  • Demonstrating commitment to achieving corporate sustainable development objectives
  • Measuring and reporting sustainability performance in a manner that integrates with corporate social responsibility reporting requirements.

If you are interested in seeking an IS for Operations rating in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else, contact Kirsty Bauer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.