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IS Rulings

2014-01-07 11:49:00

The Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating tool continues to evolve after its release date. Updates to the IS rating tool are listed on the 'IS Rulings' spreadsheet and are an essential component of the rating tool. The spreadsheet lists 5 types of updates: corrections; Technical Clarifications (TCs); Credit Interpretation Requests (CIRs); documentation and withdrawn rulings. It is vital to understand the relevance of these changes as they may impact the assessment of your project/asset.

Rulings Spreadsheet

To download the most recent set of rulings click here

Current Version: Rev 14

Last updated: 13/03/2017

Changes: New Ruling (Urb-1.01)

Rulings Attachments

2014-11-14 Sta-3.02 CIR Attachment

2014-11-14 Sta-4.02 CIR Attachment

2015-07-10 Dis-2.02 CIR Attachment

2015-07-10 Dis-3.02 CIR Attachment

2015-08-20 Lan-3.02 CIR Attachment

2016-02-08 Mat-2.01 CIR Attachment

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